industrial revolution

We Are All Makers!

Man has always been a maker and an inventor. From the earliest pebble tools to the advanced technologies of today, man has been creating ways to improve life and solve problems. To showcase man’s ingenuity, our theme for this year is the “The Industrial Revolution and the Growth of Cities”.










Our Upper Elementary students try their hands at woodworking

Making Connections within Our Theme

The Upper Elementary students are exploring the benefits and challenges of the Industrial Revolution. The Lower Elementary classes will study how some of the inventions of the Ancient Chinese and Roman Civilizations contributed to the Industrial Revolution. The Primary classes will explore how cities were created and have come to be a place to meet the needs of man.


Our Kickoff event marked the beginning of our yearlong study by showing parents work already accomplished through presentations and markets focusing on “Farm to Table” and “Farm to Factory”. Our oldest children put on a “Worlds Fair” highlighting inventors from the Industrial Revolution.


The World’s Fair – Explaining how a Truss bridge works


The World’s Fair – Explaining how the Water Powered Cotton Mill works


Welcome to our Farmers Market


Our definition of STEAM is not doing projects, or addressing each area of study in isolation, but through exploration of a yearlong theme where we integrate skills from every core area of the curriculum. This provides the students an opportunity to use the skills they are learning to reach a successful conclusion as they complete these studies.

Celebrating the Maker in Us 

Every Monday at our Assembly, students from our elementary program have an opportunity to present to projects that they have been working on during our “Maker Moment”. Besides honing their public speaking and presentation skills students also get an opportunity to share their passions with their peers

Maker Moment

Maker Moment at our Monday Assembly

Makers of Change

Our mission is also to create students who are global citizens and stewards of change. As part of our ongoing Hudson River Project students will travel back in time to learn how the Hudson River changed during the course of the Industrial Revolution. Our goal is to make. This fall our students participated in the 15th Annual ‘Day in the Life of the Hudson River’ to study the Hudson River. Besides studying the current profile of the river our Elementary students will be studying the Hudson river before and after the industrial revolution.

A day in the Life of the Hudson RIver

A Day in the Life of the Hudson River – Measuring the turbidity of the water