Virtual Year End Celebration: Mice in the Museum – 2020



The Hudson Montessori Museum remains closed to the public to maintain health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can still enjoy our virtual Museum. While the museum may be closed to people, some little furry mice friends continue to explore the museum with much glee!



Episode 1 –  Can’t blame them

In previous pandemics, like the plague of 1350, the mice were the ones to blame. This time around… it’s not their fault.

Not needing to hide in fear, the mice begin to explore the museum and all its wonders.



Episode 2 – Party like it’s 1920

The opening night party might be canceled … but not for the mice. The Theme “The 1920’s”.  Get dancing with our Galaxy friends!


Episode  3- Welcome to Polynesia 

The party continues  dancing with our youngest friends from Sunny Yellow



Episode 4 – Peek a Boo

There is a spirit and a life force from the smallest ant to the sun, from a tiny stone to a mountain.



Episode 5 – The Legend of the Chocolate Tree

Imagine a life without chocolate. The Mayans believe that chocolate was a gift from the Gods.



Episode 6 – Celebrating life and friendships

Let’s dance with the celts as they celebrate faith, friendship and love. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolize how life and eternity are interconnected.



Episode 7- Sail with the mighty Vikings

The Vikings were champion shipbuilders, and their longboats voyaged all around the coast of Europe and even to the Americas. 




In theaters now “ Archeologist from Hudson Montessori” 


Episode 8 – Knights in the Museum

Why were the Medieval times called the dark ages? (SNEAK PEAK COMING SOON!)



Episode 9 – Closer to home Pueblos

The Pueblos are known for their adobe houses and beautiful pottery. They lived in villages on top of mesas. The Pueblo relied on hunting and wove baskets to carry their provisions and supplies.


Episode 10 – Return or Keep – Aurora Class Debates

Should artifacts be returned to their country of origin?

There is much debate about where items now held in museums around the world rightfully belong. The Pueblos continue to seek the return of Culturally Important items. Should artifacts be returned to their country of origin?


Episode 11-  The debate continues

To the land of the Pharaohs meet William the blue hippo which is now the unofficial mascot of the Met Museum and was excavated in ancient Egypt.




Episode 12- Be Brave!

Every day we are faced with questions, decisions, and choices. How will the future judge us? What do we believe in?