Silk Road 2012 – 2013

The Silk Road 2012 – 2013

Year End Celebration 2013

The theme of the Year End Celebration was “The Silk Road.” Everyone enjoyed the cultural diversity of the Silk Route where the children, draped in beautifully designed colorful costumes against the backdrop of elaborate scenes along the Silk Route, showcased Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Aladdin and dances from Persia, India, China and Italy. The presentation was followed by a sumptuous dinner in a space that transported attendees into that era.

Social Studies Fair 2013

The theme of Hudson Montessori’s 4th Annual Social Studies Fair was “The Silk Road.” The central attraction, the Exhibit Hall, showcased the various landforms, architecture, inventions and cultures along this historical route, and was a reflection of the children’s academic journey through the course of the school year. Many exhibits on display at the Fair are created by Hudson Montessori parents and our little ones, not to be outdone, also collectively created a few of the complex architectural structures and landforms. We are extremely grateful to our Hudson Montessori parents who put in countless hours to organize this event.  The Fair was fun for all ages with a carnival-type atmosphere featuring food, ethnic bazaar, flea market, bounce houses, face painting, photo booth, dancing and crafts.

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