Fall Happennings

Director’s Welcome Note

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 Hudson Montessori School year. This is a very special year for our school as it is  the 10th anniversary of its founding, and we are delighted that you and your family are part of Hudson Montessori School’s great legacy. This decade has been one of growth and development, and we are so fortunate that some of our families have been with us throughout this ten year journey!

I invite you to learn more about our school’s theme for this year, recent developments, and future events that are in store for all of us in the coming year. We look forward to embarking on this 10th year with you and your children.


Ms. Gracy Jolly, Founder

Our Theme for 2018-19 is “Our Journeys”

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As we all progress through time, the timeline we create is a journey. “Our Journeys” is the yearlong theme for Hudson Montessori School this year. Whether it’s a bird’s migratory pattern, a route of exploration like the Inca Trail, or even the decision paths that our school has taken in 10 years to get here, everything is a journey. The choices we make on life’s journey shape and form the future for us. The school, as represented on our logo as a compass, is like that very valuable tool that can point you in a direction, but the actual steps you take are your own.

In this 10th year, we think it’s important to reflect on our journey and craft our vision for our next ten years. As we look around us, we want to impart to our children the importance of having and following moral values and be leaders in social justice.

So this year we are making this message a schoolwide one, where we make an effort to practice inclusion, teach acceptance and rejoice in our differences. We will have special events around these ideas, for the children, for parents, and for staff.”

International Peace Day

In honor of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, Elementary sang, “Light a Candle for Peace” throughout the week. The link to this song can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9M8SmWh2Fo. On that day, a special Peace Assembly was held. Children made origami cranes. These cranes were inspired by Sadako Sasaki, a hibakusha (atomic bomb) survivor. Sasaki was diagnosed with Leukemia as a child. At the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital she practiced origami, the art of paper folding, Sasaki believed the legend that making one-thousand cranes would grant long life, good luck or recovery from illness. Her cranes became a symbol of healing, peace and reconciliation for all people and nations.

“I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.” -Sadako Sasaki

Leaves from our Peace Tree were made by our Primary students from Ivory White, Peaceful Green, Serene Indigo, Celestial Blue, Harmonious Orange, and Ocean Blue. Students reflected on what Peace means to them.

The Peace Art is a mixed media piece done by all Elementary students. Paint, markers, sand, stencils, and oil pastels were used to simulate the “Peace Wall” located in Prague.

Click on the following link to read ChicpeaJC blog post: https://www.chicpeajc.com/events/hudson-montessoris-international-peace-day-celebration/

Field Trips (Liberty State Park Interpretive Center)

Upper Elementary students visited Liberty State Park Interpretive Center as well as took a trip to a private beach and seined the Hudson River for its marine life.  Students wore fisher waders and used a seine net in the Hudson River. 

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Lower Elementary received plenty of exercise walking to the Liberty State Park Interpretive Center to enjoy a program designed to enhance their understanding of habitats and wildlife ecology.

They learned about the pond, garden, and field habitats of the park and its inhabitants. Students enjoyed an interpretive walk and scavenger hunt in Liberty State Park’s own beach habitat bringing back a collection of natural samples to their classrooms, including different types of leaves, blue crab legs, various seashells, and even the shell of a young horseshoe crab. 

Turtleback Zoo Field Trip

Our Primary students enjoyed a beautiful day at West Orange’s Turtleback Zoo. Students particularly enjoyed the train ride, petting zoo, and the reptile exhibit.


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A Day in the Life of the Hudson River Estuary


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Hudson Montessori elementary students participated in the “Day in the Life of the Hudson River Estuary” on Tuesday, October 16th:  First grade to college students, partnered with environmental education centers to collect scientific data using hands-on field techniques at more than 80 sites from New York City to Albany. Armed with turbidity tubes, refractometers, and water-testing gears, our students tracked the river’s tides and currents, and examined water chemistry and quality. The data collected by our students will provide insight into an ecosystem spanning 160 miles of the Hudson River and New York Harbor.

Now in its 16th year, “Day in the Life” is sponsored by DEC’s Hudson River Estuary Program in partnership with the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve, and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.

Our Comet students created a watercolor landscape of their Hudson River home.

Following are some of our data our students collected:

pH – 7.5

Salinity – 10 ppt

Dissolved Oxygen – 7 mg/l

Turbidity – 40-55 cm

Current – Ebb at 74.5cm/s

Already we have done so much, and we’re only in October! We can’t wait to see what’s next. There is so much to do, learn, see and experience no matter what age or level. Thanks for joining us in Our Journey this year.