First day of school

Back to School

It’s been an exciting start to the new school year at Hudson Montessori School for students, teachers and parents.  

First Day of School

Our Primary and Elementary students were all smiles as they returned to school on September 6th. Thank you parents for getting your children to school on time. Empowering your children to carry their own backpack and walking to school has helped with a smooth transition. Our first graders confidently walked into their Elementary classrooms eager to be with the older students. Our incoming Kindergartners were most excited to skip their afternoon nap and continue their learning into the afternoon.   
        Elementary First Day of School          First day of school         First day of school -Kindergarten - Hudson Montessori  

Our Bridge and Toddler children joined us a few days later on September 8th. Their first introduction to the classroom has been gentle with a staggered schedule. While there may have been a few tears on the first day of school, a week later there are almost none. 

                                  Toddler        Toddler

We are Family

We had our Welcome Breakfast for new families this week. It was a great opportunity for our new families to meet our current families. Thank you to our HMV (Hudson Montessori Volunteers) members for arranging a wonderful breakfast and social for our parents. There was a terrific turnout and and a true sense of community.

     welcome breakfast

Reach for the Sky

Our SkyNet from Kompan is up and the children are ecstatic about it. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our parents and teachers we now have a new playground behind 50 Regent. We have been able to cover the entire playground with premium grade safety tile, which is a great feature to have.

                ribbon cutting

Learning Togetherparent Ed nigth

 We hosted our first Parent Education Night this week on the Montessori Philosophy. This is the first in a series that we offer to parents. These evening sessions provide an opportunity for parents to familiarize themselves first-hand with the philosophy and methodology. Ms Nancy, our Primary teacher gave insight into the life of Maria Montessori and her work with young children. She also described the different areas in the Montessori classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Cultural. Our next session is on Language on October 11, 2017.

Exploring Our Neighborhood

Our Lower and Upper Elementary students took their first field trip of the year to the Liberty State Park Interpretive Center. As an extension of this trip, the students will work on their ongoing project of the Hudson River Estuary. It was also a great opportunity for our students to give back as they took part in a beach clean up.

  pond study (2)          Beach clean up - Liberty State Park

As always there is a lot happening at Hudson Montessori School. To find out more about our school, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter . You may also sign up for an informational session and tour during our Open House on November 11, 2017 at 9:00 am or December 7, 2017 at 6:30 pm.