November Thanks

Eyes of the Wild Visits

The Sunny Yellow children were excited to learn that they would have animals visiting the classroom. They eagerly welcomed Eyes of the Wild into the classroom. They are an organization that rescues animals that have been hurt by their owners or that just do not serve well as pets. The children were able to learn a little bit about each of the five animals that visited. Most of the animals the children met were nocturnal, these were the animals that they have learned and discussed in class. The children learned about each animal’s silly name, unique diet, and fun qualities. They even had a chance to pet a ferret! Sunny Yellow is an animal-friendly class!

Eduporium Visits

We were excited to have one of our STEAM teachers featured in Eduporium. Thank you Eduporium for stopping by and for the special recognition you gave to our amazing STEAM teacher Ms. Michelle and the wonderful work she does for our school and the Jersey City community! Read all about their quick visit!

Mana Museum Visit

Our Upper Elementary enjoyed a wonderful visit to Jersey City’s very own Mana Museum. Students viewed works by Dan Flavin and composed collaborative poems using sight and language skills. The students appreciated the original silkscreens by Andy Warhol and completed their visit with Ms. Shaleeka. She shared her techniques and inspirations for her works.IMG_6790

Observing Veteran’s Day

Primary and Elementary students talked about Veterans Day and what it means. It was explained that veterans are people who used to serve in the Armed Forces: the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. To honor our veterans, the students stood up straight, placed their right hands over their hearts, and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. They also listened to the national anthem of our country, talked about the stripes and the stars on the flag, what they symbolize, and read “What is Veterans Day?” by Elaine Landau. 

Backpack Donations

On behalf of the Comet Class MMUN delegates, thank you to all the families that donated toward the B2B Backpack collection for foster children. All items collected were donated to the Department of Child Protection and Services for Hudson County.IMG_6531

Holiday Drive with Mommies Heart to Heart

Mommies Heart to Heart fourth annual HOLIDAY DRIVE with Hudson Montessori students was a success! We are so grateful for parents and students who made the box of LITTLE THINGS for families in need WomenRising, Hopehouse , York Street project, Newark YMCA. Special thanks to all the Hudson Montessori parents that helped deliver the boxes to the charity organizations.



Holiday History

Primary students talked about the Native Americans who were already here before Christopher Columbus “discovered” America and how they lived their lives. They defined different tribal regions on the map and identified the five fundamental needs of man and listed down how the Native Americans fulfilled each one. 

They discussed the different kinds of shelters they used, and the animals they hunted for food. They talked about what they could use for clothes and determined that the hides of the animals that they hunted provided what they needed for clothing. The students discussed how walking was their most used form of transportation, as well as hollowed-out logs to make canoes, and horses. Communication with different tribes involved using pictographs, music, and dance. The class each made their own pictograph with “pretend” hide. Our favorite story we read was “Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun,” a Cherokee story. 


Giving Thanks

On Thanksgiving celebration, students presented a Native American chant that gives thanks to all the elements that make up our earth, fire, water, air, the four seasons, awareness of times of day, and our senses. Additionally, we will read a Native American good morning message called “Giving Thanks” by Chief Jake Swamp. The words in the book are based on the “Thanksgiving Address,” an ancient message of peace and appreciation of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.



All Native American children are taught to greet the world each morning by saying thank you to all living things. According to Native American tradition, people everywhere are embraced as family. Our diversity, like all the wonders of nature, is truly a gift for which we are thankful.  

Thanksgiving Celebration in Toddler

To introduce Thanksgiving to the toddler children, they read the books “My First Thanksgiving” by Tomie de Paola and “What Is Thanksgiving?” by Harriet Ziefert. To reinforce the story of Thanksgiving, the teachers and children reenacted the story of the Pilgrims’ journey to North America on the Mayflower and how the Native Americans welcomed them. The children also made a collage of Thanksgiving items using cutouts that they colored – the Pilgrims, the Native Americans, the Mayflower ship and the Cornucopia. They were introduced to various produce such as squash, zucchini, peppers, and corn. Vocabulary words related to corn such as shucking, kernel, husk, and silk, have also been introduced. The students then created a turkey using different types of fruits!