Montessori Model United Nation 2017 Conference


From March 8-11, eight of our HMS Upper Elementary children participated in a global program for Montessori students. At this age and sensitive period for reason, justice and morality, they were able to enjoy a life changing experience with 3,400 fellow Montessori students from around the world. Maria Montessori supported the work of the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations as a forum where peace could be created. She recognized that the hope for peace lay in the education of children.

The Montessori Model United Nations program culminated our classroom study with a three-day global educational simulation experience at the United Nations. This program enables students in Upper Elementary and Middle Schools to learn about the operations of the United Nations and its role as the world’s largest international peacekeeping and humanitarian organization. Through the process of role-playing, each student became a delegate of a selected nation; for HMS it was Somalia. They learned to write, present and debate issues affecting their assigned nation and peoples of the world. By assuming the character of a citizen of Somalia they fully developed an understanding of the needs of a people and the importance of accepting differences.

We are extremely proud of how these eight students represented Somalia, Hudson Montessori School, their families, and most importantly, themselves. Thank you again for your support to this project. It would not have been possible without the helping hands of several people because it really does take a village. We would like to especially acknowledge Ms. Jolly for her encouragement and benefaction, Ms. Grace, and Mr. Isaac for their excellent media coverage and for being amazing chaperones, and Ms. Adinah, Ms. Karen, Ms. (science) Michelle for all the academic support, and Ms. Stacey who have executed this curriculum for our school. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s assistance and help. Please ask our first Hudson Montessori MMUN delegates about their experience and hear what it was like in their words. Here is a glimpse into what their three-day adventure was like:



IMG_7545 IMG_7312