Making the Most of Fall

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

― Albert Camus

Fall is a beautiful time of the year for our children to experience the wonders of nature. It’s a perfect time to study the different types of leaves and why they change color. It also provides a great a opportunity to celebrate the harvest and its wonderful produce.

All the Leaves Are Falling Down

Our Toddler friends are learning how to differentiate between about the the Maple leaf, Gingko leaf and Oak leaf. If you stroll by one of our toddler classrooms you can hear them hum a song “All the Leaves are Falling Down”.  It is also a great sensorial experience as they compare the textures between a fresh and a dry leaf. 


Exploring the leaves we found in our neighborhood

Matching the colors of the leaves with the color tablets

Grading the leaves by color using the Montessori Color Tablets



Extracting chlorophyll from Spinach leaves

Students toddler through elementary have been taking apart and studying the insides of apples, pumpkins, squashes and beets. There were many delicious treats made too. Each autumn we embrace the cooler temperatures and the changes that take place as a preparation for the winter to come. We find comfort in the foods, colors and traditions that signal change is taking place.

Apple prints

Examining the apple while making apple prints


Our Primary students learn how to make dehydrated apples


Labeling the parts of the apple


Let’s see what’s inside a pumpkin


Pin punching is good for my fine motor skills

IMG_6490                IMG_6491

Some of our primary friends made yummy pumpkin spiced pretzels


Our Primary class even used the pumpkin as a planter


 Some our Kindergartners got creative as they used pumpkins
as models for their book report.