Hudson Montessori Volunteers

Hudson Montessori Volunteers

Mission Statement: To foster a greater sense of community by providing support to the academic program through events and fundraisers; to help the parents and the school “stay in touch” by encouraging effective and positive communication.

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Hudson Montessori Volunteers (HMV), welcome to the 201-2018 school year at Hudson Montessori School.

What is the HMV?
The Hudson Montessori Volunteers is our school’s equivalent to a Parent/School Association or Council. Through this group, our parent base maintains a strong connection to the school by leading and, in some cases, supporting the school with activities for our children throughout the year. We are also a fundraising arm for the school.

Your role in the HMV
Last year, nearly every family volunteered in one way or another. Let’s keep that tradition alive. When your children see you actively taking an interest in their school and their activities it strengthens their bonds to the school and learning. We understand that time is very valuable to you; we have volunteer opportunities that might require a few hours one day, a few hours in a week and some that are a little longer. Then, there are other opportunities are on a per-event basis.

In previous years, we had “class parents” designated for each classroom. Those class parents had made up the Hudson Montessori Volunteers. This year, every parent is a “class parent.” The HMV will not have a class parent structure this year. Instead, we ask parents to please choose a committee or volunteer when the request for volunteers is sent out to you via email.

Fundraising Goal
Last year, the school raised nearly $29,000 through its fundraising efforts. This year, we would like to raise $30,000 for the school. The $29K was applied toward the purchase of an outdoor playground climbing structure for 50 Regent, which is being erected by the end of this month. The funds raised this year will complete the 50 Regent playground, which will be available to all children, Primary and up.

HMV Core Team
Several parents have stepped up this year to take an active role in leading the HMV: Keren Nehushtan, Sunny Yellow,


as lead coordinators. Supurna Ray, Celestial Blue, as treasurer, and Cynthia Bacon, Ivory White, as communications lead.

Committee Lead Volunteers
Holiday Donation Drive: Aparna Thorat, Rosy Red, Kausar Rasul, Ivory White, Sarah Cho, Ocean Blue.
Decorations: Leena Iyengar, Sunny Yellow
Food: Brandy Krapf, Ivory White; Nermina Dilman, Galaxy
Parent Activity/Movie Nights: Shayna McEvoy, Peaceful Green; Kausar Rasul, Ivory White
Pancake Breakfast : 1) Suma Somasekharan, Celestial Blue & Brandy Krapf, Ivory White
Year End Celebration: Svetlana Trachtenberg, Sunny Yellow & Comet
Social Studies Fair : Svetlana Trachtenberg, Sunny Yellow & Comet; 2) Leena Iyengar, Sunny Yellow
Sunny Yellow/Rosy Red Parent Representative : Aparna Thorat, Rosy Red

Volunteer With Us
Our school teaches our students about being selfless, giving back to the community and volunteerism. Our children’s greatest teachers will always be their first teachers in life, YOU. Help your children learn this valuable lesson by volunteering in your own way with us!

You can volunteer for a committee above or volunteer when the request comes out via email. If you have a special skill, from technology to graphic design or decorating/baking to fundraising, help us make our HMV stronger! Let us know. We want you! Reach out to us via email at or let Ms. Maki know, and we will get back in touch with you.


Cynthia Bacon
Communications Lead, HMV



Keren Vered Nehushtan – mom of daughter Liliana (Sunny Yellow) and Asher. Fashion executive at Becken NY. Co-Founder of Jersey City Jewish Community (JC@JC). Joined HMV to offer my help in forming and strengthening our parent community. Excited to be part of such an amazing group of volunteers.



Cynthia Bacon—Mom of Ivory White student, Maddox “Max” Bacon. Communications Lead, HMV. I am a PR/Marketing and Social Media Consultant who is donating my skills to strengthen the communications of the HMV and HMS. Our school is one of JC’s best kept secrets. I am proud of our school, the quality of our teachers and the education being provided for our students. I want to help get the word out about how amazing our school truly is.