Hour of Code

On December 6th and 7th, students from Hudson Montessori School joined millions of students around the world to celebrate Computer Science Week and the “Hour of Code”. For the second year we hosted Code Night which, as Aislin our second grader put it, is an evening where children teach their parents how to code.

During the course of the year, students at Hudson Montessori School are introduced to Computational Thinking Skills, using various unplugged and on-screen activities. Our youngest students start with unplugged activities such as sequencing how to make a snack or how to choreograph a dance, and later move onto tutorials on www.code.org to create animations on Scratch Jr. Our older students carry out paper based activities to reinforce what algorithms, loops and conditionals are, and then move onto software such as Scratch where they create animations and games.

Hour of code unplugged - Lego

Code Night provided many of our enthusiastic coders with an opportunity to showcase what they created and learned in technology class and code club to their friends and family. We were impressed with our older 3rd and 4th grade coders who took it upon themselves to mentor our younger students from Kindergarten and Lower Elementary. Their excitement has helped create a wave inspired young coders.


Code Night featured a variety of stations ranging from unplugged activities explaining algorithms (make your own snack ) coding and decoding (Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?) to technology dependent coding activities using Scratch Jr and Scratch, Bloxels, Makey Makey and Ozobots.

Ozobots - Hour of Code (2)

Apart from coding, children also got an opportunity to explore modern day technology like Green Screen Filming and to interact with technology from the past like the Telegraph System. They were also intrigued by seeing what the insides of a computer look like.Telegraph Morse Code - Hour of code (2)

The event culminated with a fun and interactive quiz on Kahoot. Our winners were Srishti and Zachary from Upper Elementary. The winners of our decoding game “Crack the Code” were Saisha and Anna from Kindergarten and First Grade.  Masha from Upper Elementary summed up the evening by describing it as “Awesome!”. We think so too, and can’t wait to see what our students’ come up with next.

Code Night - Unplugged

Thank you to social blogger, Chickpea for covering the evening.Click here for what she had to say. We will continue to go ‘Beyond the Hour of Code’ to foster the love for code.