Field Trips

Flat Rock Brook Nature Center – October 2016

Flat Rock Brook Primary 1Flat Rock Brook Elementary









Primary and Elementary took an exciting field trip to the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center. The Elementary students practiced their map reading skills and learned wilderness survival skills as well. They also worked together to build their own shelter using materials they found in the woods. During the field trip all age groups went on a nature walk where they studied nature and observed different types of leaves and trees.The students used their five senses to explore different textures, sights, sounds and smells of the forest.  They also got to see various birds in person such as a heron, owls and hawks. To end the trip, they ventured off to the Flat Rock Brook Nature playground where they practiced wall climbing, rope walking and tons of sliding.

 Low Tide Beach Walk – September 2016

   Clean Ocean Action Group1   Clean Ocean Action Group

Our Upper Elementary took a walking field trip to the Liberty State Park’s Interpretive Center. As they walked along the beach they collected and observed exoskeletons from Horseshoe crabs, razor clams, and ribbed Mussels. They participated in a beach clean up where they picked up litter and took an inventory of the trash they collected. The biggest culprit was plastic. The children reflected on ways they could help ease the consumption of materials that harm the environment.

The River Project

Our Elementary students took a field trip of the school year, visiting the Wet Lab of The River Project at Pier 40 in New York City. Children had the opportunity to closely observe and study many different organisms that exist in the ecosystem along the Hudson River and estuary, including oysters, horseshoe crabs, striped seabass and various phytoplanktons. They also got to sit on the floating dock (with life vests, of course), where they measured the turbidity of the water. Similar experiments – and another trip to the project – are designed to keep our students engaged as they continue their research on the Hudson River Estuary Project over the course of the school year. They are also very excited to meet and work with real “Scientists.”