Exploring the Hudson River

A day in the life of the Hudson River Estuary .

On Thursday, October 12, 2017  students from our Elementary program participated in “A Day in the Life of the Hudson River Estuary”. Each year students and educators along the Hudson River from Troy to New York Harbor study the Hudson River and its surroundings. 

Which way is the current flowing ? Hudson River Estuary Which way is the current flowing?

Students from our school stationed themselves at River Mile 0 near the iconic Colgate clock in Jersey City. Even though the day was breezy, our elementary students eagerly collected scientific information such as pH, salinity, turbidity, tide and current. The data collected by the students will be compiled along with the observations collected by other students along the Hudson River. This will give a complete picture of the river on the same day, from its source until it meets the sea.  This year’s event was the largest, with 90 sites from New York Harbor to the Mohawk Valley, having over 5000 students and educators participate.

Measuring Salinity

Measuring salinity – don’t forget the Units!

Measuring windspeed

Measuring wind speed with the anemometer

 The event was designed and coordinated by The Hudson River Estuary Program of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory  at Columbia University. The event began in 2003 with 300 plus student participants and has grown. 


How turbid is the water?

There was much excitement among the students, and it provided a great opportunity for our teachers to be able to help the children understand the value and significance of the vital estuary system. Leading up to the day, our students learned about the physical, chemical and biological properties they were to measure. They also learned what scientific tools they would use and what they were for. They practiced using these instruments, reporting the data and graphing it.They will continue to analyze the data once it is all compiled. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.

IMG_5272 (2)

What is an Estuary ?  The blue represents fresh water .The red represents the salt water from the sea.


Mapping the salinity along the Hudson River

Colgate Clock - Day in the life of the Hudson River

Our sampling site as illustrated by Gabriella from Lower Elementary