Busy Kindergartners !


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Our Kindergartners are busy at work all day! From napping in the afternoon a year ago, they have transitioned well into a full day of activity where they continue to work and explore different areas of the curriculum when they meet for Kindergarten. During Kindergarten they also receive additional specials such as Art, Keyboarding and Science Lab. They visit the school Library once a week, which has not only generated and excitement for reading, but has also developed a sense of responsibility as they have to remember to check in and out their books.

In Art, students studied the art work of Piet Mondrian and recreated his style as they created their own art pieces. They also created pieces that were more open ended using simple material such as leaves, twigs and cardboard.

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In Keyboarding , the Kindergartners learn basic keyboarding skills with our music teacher Ms Tina and we cant wait to see them perform on Graduation day which is just 6 months away.

Keyboarding - Kindergarten

In the Science Laboratory, students began by studying the parts of the eye and how it as important tool scientist use to explore the world. During the course of the fall semester our Kindergartners explored various specimens such as worms, leaves, trunks of trees. They also carried out simple chemistry experiments to learn how materials mix and dissolve. The three supermoons of 2016 created much excitement as we studied the phases of the moon. We read our favorite book, Owl Moon, and found out that a full moon night is the best time to go “owling”. To view their science adventures click here.

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We can’t wait to see where 2017 takes our Kindergartners.