Around the World 2014 – 2015

Around the World 2014-2015

Year End Celebration 2015

Our children took the audience on a wondrous journey “Around the World,” the theme for our Year End Celebration this year. ‘Excellent!’ ‘Breathtaking!’ ‘Great!’ were just a few of the superlatives that came pouring from everyone’s lips at the end of the brilliant two-hour celebration at the historic Jacques d’Amboise Theater in Jersey City. The elaborate costumes, dances and songs showcased that evening were only the tip of the knowledge our children accumulated through the year of the cultures, geographies and arts of the places they depicted on stage. It truly was an amazing culmination of not only the two months of practice for the performance, but also of the year-long pursuit of knowledge. While the Year End Celebration and our Social Studies Fair share the same theme every year, the noticeable difference between the two events is that our students are the primary storytellers and messengers of the theme at this year end event.

Social Studies Fair 2015

SSF 2015On Saturday, May 2, 2015 each classroom picked a region of the world to explore in detail through the course of the school year and their discoveries manifested into the many exhibits on display from “Around the World” at our Sixth Annual Social Studies Fair. Our Toddlers created a beautiful mural of the continents to start us off on our journey. The 400-plus attendees saw the Great Wall of China made from sugar cubes and the stunning symmetry of the Taj Mahal made from paper. Gondola rides, spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower, the mysteries of the Pharaohs and Pyramids, the Amazon River, luscious rainforests and Mayan temples, and the didgeridoo from the Outbacks were also on display. Our older children performed the Blubber Experiment and presented their research on various creatures that inhabit Antarctica, while the Elementary students issued passports and interviewed immigrants wishing to enter the United States.

This experiential and interactive style of learning etches the longest lasting impressions on the young minds of our children. The exhibit halls in the classrooms are the “extension of the learning environment” and the exhibits are the “application of their knowledge.”

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