Another Great School Year!


On June 2nd, we celebrated the school year 2017- 2018 with our show titled “Industrial Revolution Musical Revue”. This original production highlighted our year long theme study and featured close to 250 students from our Bridge Primary through our Elementary classrooms. This marked the end of another great year at school and we are gearing up for our 10th exiting year school year.





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Highlights of the Year 

Our school year started in September with a new playground behind 50 Regent which delighted our kids throughout the school year.

ribbon cutting

In the classrooms student were all eager to learn and explore, even our young toddlers quickly got comfortable in their new classrooms.



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In October, our Primary students celebrated fall and all its bounty with a trip to Alstede Farm

Alstede Farm

Our Elementary students participated in  A Day in the Life of the Hudson River Estuary’ along with 5000 students and educators from New York and New Jersey.

Website UEOur October Kickoff Event marked the beginning of our yearlong theme study, The Industrial Revolution and the Growth of Cities. Parents visited their child’s classroom where children showed work already accomplished through presentations and markets focusing on “Farm to Table” and “Farm to Factory”  in the Primary and Lower Elementary classes. Our oldest children put on a “World’s Fair” highlighting inventors from the Industrial Revolution.


Computer Science is an important part of our curriculum from K-6. For a third year, we hosted the Hour of Code, an evening event for parents and students. Our focus for the evening was on Computational Thinking. We also hosted an exhibition on the Timeline of Communications.

Code Night - makeblock

The Elementary Jazz Band kicked off the Holiday Season by spreading cheer while serenading seniors at the Lutheran Senior Center. We partnered with Mommies Heart to Heart to bring 60 Bedtime Boxes to families in need at York Street Project, Hope House, and Newark YMCA. The elementary students also took the lead in spreading the message with the primary students with their Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Chinese New Year presentations.


New Beginnings!

“Bring Your Parents to School” on January 20th, turned out to be a beautiful day. Families gathered for our Annual Pancake Breakfast. Parents. Primary parent had the opportunity to get one on one Montessori lessons from their child.


The Elementary hosted their first School Maker Faire in Jersey City which highlighted our young Elementary Makers.  Maker Education is a hands-on way of engaging students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The Faire featured student projects ranging from art to robotics. Our Makers also had the opportunity to meet and interact with makers in our community. The Faire featured 6 zones: Arts & Crafts Zone, Builders’ Block, Tech Zone, Art Gallery, Maker Space and a Maker Friends Pavillion.


Outdoor classroom

Learning does not always happen in the four corners of a classroom, that is why field trips are a great extension to learning. Our primary students took a trip to Bergen PAC to watch “Three Little Pigs”. A Kindergarten class also had the opportunity of visiting the Google office in Manhattan. Our Lower Elementary students took a trip to the Newark Museum, Ellis Island, Liberty State Park Interpretive Center and even spent the night at Liberty Science Center. Our Upper Elementary students took a trip to the Tenement Housing Museum, Hoboken Lackawanna Station and met with the Office of Innovation at City Hall. They also took a camping trip to Camp Speers.

Bergen PAC 2

A group of 21 Upper Elementary students from our school participated in the Montessori Model United Nations held in New York March 13- 17, 2018. They represented countries of Benin, Myanmar, and Slovenia. The team practiced debating, negotiating, and collaborating on written resolutions to problems.  These resolutions were then delivered and passed on the last day when students are given the rare opportunity to sit in the General Assembly Room at the New York United Nations headquarter.DSC_9241

Our Upper Elementary also participated in various state competitions throughout the year. Congratulations to our Upper Elementary teams who were awarded the gold and silver in the team category at the STEM Showcase organized by Barnabas Health Center.  Our students also won the Emergent Data Jammer Awards in the Hudson River Data Jam Competition organized by the Cary Institute.


Social Studies Fair

To showcase the learning throughout the school year we hosted our 9th Annual Social Studies Fair “ Grow Our Cities” on May 12th along with a street carnival.  Through the year our students explored how a city support the needs of man: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Communication, and Transportation. Each class from Primary looked into the infrastructure of cities such as New York, London, and Munich to name a few. The Lower Elementary students showcased how Ancient Chinese and Roman Civilization contributed to modern cities. The Upper Elementary Students highlighted the Industrial Revolution.

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Cong-grads ! 

As a school, we are very proud of our students and all they accomplished in the school year. We are thankful for our dedicated teachers who guide our children along this journey. Congratulations to the 9th graduating class of 33 toddlers, our 5th graduating class of 27 Kindergartners. Congratulations to our very first 6th graders who presented their Senior Project on their graduation. As our school continues to grow we look forward to an exciting year ahead.

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