A Good Beginning !

January is no time to hibernate at Hudson Montessori School and our children took no time in getting back to work after their winter break.

Lara the difference between land and water on the sandpaper globe

Our youngest – Toddler Classroom


Elementary Assembly


Primary – Morning Work Cycle

It has been an eventful month with Bring Your Parent to School, Pancake Breakfast, Maker Mart and a visit from Eyes of the Wild.

Bring Your Parent to School is one our our favorite events. It was an exciting and enriching way to spend a Saturday morning for both children and parents. Children (as young as two) were excited to show their parents around the classroom and give them lessons on the various Montessori works they do.DSC_0224 It also provided parents with an insight into how their child spends their day in a full Montessori classroom.


The Pancake Breakfast was a treat for all. Who doesn’t love warm, freshly flipped pancakes on a cold morning? Thank you to our parent volunteers and Elementary student volunteers for helping with flipping and serving of breakfast.DSC_0289

As part our constantly evolving STEAM program at Hudson Montessori School, we hosted our first Maker Mart where students and parents got an opportunity to be Makers. This event was such a hit, it’s sure to be a recurring favorite.


Different stations were set up where students could create paper circuits, an automaton using a crank, spin art and bind a book. These activities were stepping stones to some of the physics lessons to come.

Eyes of the Wild

During the following week, our children received a visit from some very special visitors. Kindergartners and all of Elementary were treated to an educational show from presenter, Mr. Joe from “Eyes of the Wild”, a wildlife center in New Jersey. _MG_0556Eyes of the Wild rescues and takes in animals that have been abused, mistreated, or abandoned, particularly wild animals that were thought to be good pets until owners realized they could not give them what they needed. Our children got to meet Chim Chim the chinchilla, Lolly the sugar glider, Grandpa the cane toad, Willis the American alligator, Oliver the skunk, and Matilda the wallaby. Yes, there was a wallaby in the Multipurpose Room! The story attached to each animal’s rescue was a lesson in sensitivity and kindness for children._MG_0547 Each of these animals originate from various biomes, including the rain-forest, grasslands, and temperate forest. So this presentation fit right into the school’s yearlong study of Great Explorations. You can learn more about Eyes of the Wild here: http://www.eyeswild.com/

The Art of Positive Parenting with Mary Funari

Teachers attended a ‘The Art of Positive Parenting’ (TAPP) workshop with Mary Funari this month. The TAPP curriculum teaches parents and teachers how to use “positive communication skills with their children, resulting in a strong foundation for building children’s self-esteem and parent-child relationships that grow stronger through the years.” As Montessori educators, our teachers embraced this thinking as it reflects that of Maria Montessori’s philosophy. Parent EducationTeachers gained current practical tools and strategies from Ms. Funari that they incorporated in their classroom immediately. Hudson Montessori School will be offering a 6-week ‘The Art of Positive Parents’ (TAPP) workshop exclusively for their parents this upcoming spring.

Chinese New Year

Jínián jíxiáng. We would like to thank all the parents who visited the classrooms to help ring in the Chinese New Year. Year of the roosterOur Ivory White classroom had the annual dragon parade where they marched around the school spreading cheer.IMG_7264 (2)

American History 101

Our Lower Elementary presented to their families a “Talking Timeline” featuring key events that marked American History. All dressed in costumes they created, they sequentially walked us through the lives of the nomads, Mayans, Chahochians, Aztecs, Incas and Frontier Explorers such as Daniel Boone.

Making costumes for our presentation

Frontier Explorers

The second graders, featured the War of 1812 between the United States and the United Kingdom which was a war fought to establish our national identity. As a culmination of the afternoon the students sang the Star Spangled Banner which was written by Francis Scott Key when he saw the American flag  was still waving after the battle of Baltimore.


Hudson Montessori School Elementary War of 1812


Social Studies Fair and Year End Celebration

It is that time of year when we are beginning to gear up for the Social Studies Fair and the Year End Celebration. We have begun planning these events and the initial classes for the children in dance have begun. We have engaged Judith Palacio, Director of the Jersey City Ballet and the Jersey City Theater Company to be our choreographer for the YEC, and we are excited to begin our journey through the biomes as we salute our yearlong study of “Great Explorations”. The classrooms are really focusing on their particular areas of study so that the exhibits for the Social Studies Fair will once again be amazing to see.

Social Studies Fair 2016 – Olympics: http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2016/05/hudson_montessori_school_transforms_into_the_olymp.html